The Raman microscope is here!
The two undergraduate research students
Livingson Graham and Satu Hyvarinen are
starting to develop and test our first Raman-
based experiment, for implementation in the
Bioanalytical Instrumentation Lab course in
Spring 2014.
December 4 2014
Experiment development begins
Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
A state of the art Raman spectrometer purchased as a part of our NSF TUES grant was delivered to the Department of Chemistry and
Biochemistry in October 2013 and was installed and ready for action early November. This highly versatile Raman microscope combines ease
of use with functionality and performance for our Department’s teaching and undergraduate research needs. Principally, it will be used as a
practical tool to teach fundamental chemical concepts such as molecular structure, quantitative analysis, elucidation of reaction mechanisms
and applications of spectroscopy to research, in both our lower and upper division laboratory courses.  The key features of the instrument
include: a 1024x256 TE air-cooled scientific CCD which offers improved sensitivity and fast Raman acquisition, 532 nm or 785 nm high
brightness CLS lasers for optimal results, auto-calibration and validation software ensures that data is always accurate and much more! Thanks
to these state of the art features, students will undergo a series of tangible and increasingly more advanced Raman instrument-based
experiences as they progress through our chemistry curriculum.
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