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Joubin Jebelli
Hello Everyone,

My name is Joubin Jebelli, although everyone calls me Jay. I am honored and pleased

to announce that I will be the serving as the Events Coordinator for the Chemistry Club

during the 2014-2015 school year. I have had an incredible and exciting journey at FAU

while working on obtaining dual B.S degrees in Biology and Neuroscience, and a minor

in Chemistry. Ultimately, my dream is to get into an M.D. /PhD program.

As a current student at FAU, I have had the chance to encounter and participate in

numerous organizations and fields. I am currently teaching various undergraduate

chemistry courses-which is my greatest passion in life. In fact, I hope to teach

undergraduate chemistry courses someday as a professor! I am also currently working

in a research lab- specifically in the area of cancer. In terms of club participation, I have

held and served as an officer in various clubs including: BPA, Chemistry club, AMSA,

and the Golden Key Honors International Society.

With all of these experiences, I believe that I can thrive and excel as an events

coordinator. Volunteering and working in the community has always been a passion of

mine. I ve been volunteering in various community organizations for years- and I hope

to share these experiences with the Chemistry club. I also plan to coordinate various

socials and other exciting gatherings so that our students can enjoy their time at FAU.

Ultimately, I hope that our members are prepared to volunteer and give back to the

community, because there will be a lot of wonderful, exciting events planned throughout

the 2014-2015 school year.

Best Regards,

Joubin Jebelli (Jay)