Directed Independent Study/Research (DIS/DIR)

Undergraduate Research Experience in Chemistry & Biochemistry

Interested in learning about what it takes to become a chemist? What goes into experimental design? How do you interpret data? You can try it out by taking Directed Independent Study (CHEM 4905). This a highly flexible program and you can work with a faculty member of your choice (see faculty listing). Work side by side with faculty, graduate students, and post-doctoral scientists in the laboratory and participate in lab meetings and seminars. Your actual experience will depend on the faculty member's area of research and may range from literature analysis, exposure to instrumentation techniques to hands-on laboratory experience in Chemistry & Biochemistry. 

Directed Independent Study Form

Click here to download the Directed Independent Study Form. Please print, fill out the form, and return via e-mail to Sharika Hanna-Emery at Hanna@fau.edu. There is no need for the student to come on campus. Sharika will get the faculty supervisor’s signature of approval for each student. This can all be completed via e-mail/online.

To register, first, consult faculty member WebPages (faculty listing) and identify one laboratory and contact the faculty. If the faculty member agrees to take you, then you can register for CHEM 4905. You can take multiple DIS credits and work in different laboratories. You may contact Dr. J. Haky (hakyj@fau.edu) for any additional detail.