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About the Department

We have twenty-two faculty engaged in teaching and research involving more than thirty graduate students and 150+ undergraduate majors. Our courses serve both majors and non-majors in thousands of hours of instruction. Current faculty research strengths are in organic chemistry, chemical biology, medicinal chemistry, biophysical chemistry, and materials chemistry. The Department offers a wide variety of programs for undergraduate and graduate student research that lead to various careers in Chemistry & Biochemistry. Research activities are supported by a state-of-the-art instrumentation core facility. Active collaborations with faculty from the Colleges of Medicine and Engineering & Computer Science across FAU, and other research institutes throughout South Florida provide enhanced opportunities for graduate students. Our faculty are funded by numerous federal (NIH, NSF, DOD), state and other agencies. Our recent graduate students have gone on to work at many major universities and companies.


The mission of the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry is to provide high-quality education and state of the art training in research in the fields of Chemistry & Biochemistry through excellence in teaching, research, and service.

In teaching, we will provide to our students the foundation to build a chemistry knowledge base and introduce them to the recent advances in the field.

In research, we will provide high-quality research experiences in both fundamental and applied research. We will contribute to discovering new drugs for the treatment of major diseases and developing new materials for enhancing the quality of life.

We will provide service to the university through joint interdisciplinary programs in biomedical, life and environmental sciences and will provide a strong infrastructure consisting of modern and powerful investigative instrumentation.

We will provide service to the region and nation by contributing scientific expertise. We will help train the high tech workforce needed to help meet the growing demands of industry in Southeast Florida in order to support and sustain economic development in the region.