Honors in Chemistry Program

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry has established the Honors in Chemistry Program (HCP) for outstanding chemistry undergraduate students. Students are encouraged to join the program after they have met the HCP eligibility requirements.

The mission of the HCP is to provide an enriched learning experience for high-performing students. The program provides opportunities for students to build a strong foundation of quality education and research experiences in an environment that stresses collaborative and multidisciplinary approaches to problem-solving, ethical guidelines, and superior oral and written communication skills. These efforts will give students a positive perspective on working in the interdisciplinary research field and prepare them better for a continuation of their education in professional programs such as medical, dental, pharmacy, veterinary or graduate programs and/or for a highly competitive STEM job market.

Benefits to students include:

  • Direct participation in cutting-edge research experiences
  • Increased interaction with Faculty members of the Department
  • Completion of the undergraduate degree with an upper-division Honors distinction