Research Integrity

Upon entry, all students in Chemistry graduate degree programs must complete Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) training. RCR training is available online through CITI and via a series of four live training sessions offered through the Graduate College (RCR Workshops at FAU) Students must complete both the appropriate online and in-person RCR training. CITI online training should be completed within the first semester enrolled, and the live RCR training may be taken over the course of the first two years.

Students working on federally-funded projects MUST complete RCR through CITI and in-person training through the Graduate College. For more information on Grant RCR Training Requirements see Responsible Conduct of Research within FAU's Division of Research.

Use the lists here to determine which RCR courses you should complete. For most students in FAU Chemistry graduate programs, the RCR Basic Course will be appropriate. In addition to RCR, and also prior to beginning their research, students working with human subjects and/or other vertebrates must complete Human Subjects (IRB) and/or Animal Care (IACUC) training respectively. Additional details and related forms can be found at the FAU Division of Research Forms. IRB and IACUC training is good for three years. After three years have elapsed, this training must be renewed. 

The Federal Government’s Office of Research Integrity (ORI) promotes integrity in biomedical research supported by the U.S. Public Health Service (PHS) at about 4,000 institutions worldwide. ORI monitors institutional investigations of research misconduct and facilitates the responsible conduct of research (RCR) through educational, preventive, and regulatory activities.

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