Dr. Alberto Haces

Senior Instructor
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Ph.D., University of California, Riverside

Contact Information
Office: ES 297 (Davie)
Phone: (954) 236-1193
Email: ahaces@fau.edu


  • Chemical education
  • Development of diagnostic systems using enzymes and DNA probes
  • Cell differentiation agents
  • Nucleic acids transfection reagents
  • New methods of organic synthesis
  • Medicinal chemistry

Recent Publications

Kumi-Diaka, J., Merchant, K.,Haces, A., Hoemann, V., Johnson, M., Genistein-Selenium Combination Induces Growth Arrest in Prostate Cancer Cells, J. Med. Food 13(4) 2010, 1-9

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Haces, A., Breitman, T.R., and Driscoll, J.S., J. Med. Chem. 30:405-408, 1987

Haces, A. and Okamura, W.H., Synthesis of 3- thia and 3- sulfinyl derivatives of 3- deoxi1alpha hydroxyvitamin D3. In: Vitamin D: Chemical, Biochemical and Clinical Endocrinology of Calcium Metabolism. Proc. Fifth Workshop on Vitamin D., Williamsburg, VA, February 1982, 1117 1119. Walter de Gruyter & Co., Berlin New York.


Haces, A., Ciccarone, V.: Highly packed polycationic, ammonium ,sulfonium and phosphonium lipids. US Patent 6,399,663

Haces, A.: Methods for generating light with chemiluminescent dioxetanes activated by anchimeric assisted cleavage. US Patent 5,248,618

Marquez, V.E., Driscoll, J.S, Lim, M-I, Tseng, C.K., Haces, A., Glazer, R.I.: 3-Deazaneplanocin, intermediates for it, and antiviral composition and method of treatment using it. US Patent 4,968,690

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