Patrick Ande

Senior Instructor/Lab Director 
Department of Chemistry

Contact Information
Office: PS 214
Phone: (561) 297-4972


Detoxification of Heavy Metals from Soils in STA 1W using Activated Silica.  

Protecting the environment against pollution and the recovery of polluted areas are not only the subjects for new successful businesses, they are very important and critical problems requiring urgent solutions and a new Social awareness. We discovered that Heavy metals (HM) mobility and their behavior can be significantly influenced and modified by a new Technology using monosilicic acid. As a result of this interaction between monosilicic acid (slightly soluble activated silicates) and heavy metals, soluble complex compounds can form. The direction of interaction between monosilicic acid and HM depends on monosilicic acid and its concentration. The formation of complexes occurs under low concentration of monosilicic acid (Bocharnikova et. al. 1995; Schindler et. al., 1976). This means that only with specially activated Si, it is possible to regulate HM mobility. The level of reduction HM mobility also depends on the adsorption properties of the applied Si-rich minerals and HM (Bocharnikova et. al. 1999; Brannvall, 2006; Matichenkov, 2008). This synergetic effect can thus be used to protect the environment against this kind of pollution and also to purify polluted areas.


Awards and Recognition

  •  Carnegie Award for Heroism (1969)
  •  Initiated lab TA office hours and tutoring for GC 1 & 2 labs
  •  East Tennessee Heart Association grant recipient  1975-1976
  • Tulane University Alumni President Palm Beach chapter



Other Information

  •  Avid fisherman – off shore White Marlin tournaments
  •  Environmentalist and Conservationist