Renjie Wang

Renjie Wang
Assistant Professor
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Florida Atlantic University Charles E. Schmidt College of Science 

Contact Information
Office: SE-43 Room 122
Phone: (561) 297-3338

Research Description

The research theme in our group is developing bio/chemical sensors to acquire sufficient qualitative and quantitative information on target analytes to facilitate research in environmental, biological (physiological), and pharmaceutical areas. Our group's multi-disciplinary studies are based on innovative integration with optical, electrochemical, and microfluidic associated techniques. Currently, we focus on three directions:

  1. Real-time ions and biomarkers sensing at the cellular and in vivo.
  2. Portable device for the environmental pollutant, bacteria, and metal ion selective detection.
  3. Integrated microfluidic platform-based cell/bacteria analysis and drug screening.

Selected Publications

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