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Pharmaceutical Technology Certificate

The Pharmaceutical Technology Certificate Program (PTCP) provides students with a unique opportunity to understand the drug development process, emphasizing the roles that biology, chemistry, biochemical, analytical, formulation and regulatory issues play in the process of drug discovery.

This 14-credit certificate program is designed for individuals who have completed higher undergraduate level courses including Organic Chemistry 2 and Biochemistry 1. This certificate is also intended for individuals who plan to pursue a career in the biopharmaceutical industry.

Required Courses - 10 credits    
Bioanalytical Instrumentation CHM 4139 2
Bioanalytical Instrumentation Lab CHM 4139 2
Introduction to Drug Design CHM 4273 3
Introduction to Drug Development CHM 4274C 3
Elective Courses - 4 credits    
Biochemistry Laboratory BCH 3103L 3
Advanced Biochemistry BCH 4035 3
Seminar BSC 4932 1
Organic Chemistry 3 CHM 4220 3
Introduction to Drug Formulation CHM 4276C 3
Structural Biochemistry CHM 4350 3
Special Topics (i.e., Organic Spectroscopy) CHM 4933 3
Special Topics (i.e., Chemical Biology) CHM 4933 3
Science Internship IDS 3941 1-3

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